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medical fraud or malpractices

The manner in which this is done varies, and persons engaging in fraud are always seeking new ways to circumvent the law

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workplace accidents

Workplace Accident is a "discrete occurrence in the course of work" leading to physical or mental occupational injury

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product liability

It is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers who are held responsible for the injuries those products cause


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Getting injured in any accident can really have an overwhelming effect on any person’s life. Besides enduring physical pain and emotional stress, more harsh accidents may need the injured parties to endure months or years of costly medical treatment. Medical visits and recovery time typically leads to a considerable amount of time from work, which leads to loss of income.
Getting compensation for the injuries suffered during a personal injury accident often isn’t a straightforward procedure. In a few instances, the injured parties are required by the law to file insurance claims. At other times, the victims or their family may file a personal injury claim in the court against the responsible party for the accident and resultant injury. Due to the several important factors that usually are involved in the personal injury cases, people who have suffered due to someone else’s neglect should instantly seek the professional assistance and guidance of a qualified Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer.
Our Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer have handled many personal injury cases like yours, and thus we are ready to fight hard in order to help you get the compensation that you deserve and guarantee that justice is easily served. Our Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney know the frustration and pain you’re experiencing as the victims of another individual’s negligent behavior, and thus we are dedicated to making the whole legal procedure as simple as possible in order that you can focus on healing.
Usually, there are three key components that cover a valid injury claim for the damages in personal injury lawsuits:
-Firstly, the party that is supposed to be accountable for causing the injuries is needed to have had legal duty not to cause harm to plaintiff, and he/she should have failed down to meet the obligation of the duties by committing an unsafe act. 
-Secondly, the plaintiff should prove that the harmful act result to his/her injuries. 
-Thirdly, the plaintiff should establish that he/she suffered damages like medical expenses, permanent disability or lost wages as a consequence of the injuries.
We are a Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia PA firm who represents people who are seriously injured due to somebody else’s negligence. To serve the particular requirements of our clients most effectively, we limit our Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia legal practice to the matters involving wrongful death and serious personal injuries. We don’t charge any fees until there is a monetary recovery for our client and our Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia simply advance all expenses and costs. We at Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia are dedicated to offering the best quality legal representation to assist you get through the difficult time. Our Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia, personal yet professional approach to your personal injury case is what makes us different. We at Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia PA are simple to talk with and care about you genuinely.


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In cases where an accident leads to any person’s death, victim’s family may bring action in the criminal court if they want. The decedent’s parents, spouse, kids, and/or any adopted relative or sibling who is partially or wholly dependent on decedent for services and support may look to sue. If a kid is born to any unmarried parents, he/she can recover the damages in wrongful death case in which his/her mother is decedent. But, the child might only get wrongful death damage for his/her father if father has recognized the child formally and was indebted to offer support.
The lawsuit should be filed by representative of decedent’s estate, although additional family members might be listed as people who have their interest in the personal injury case. The representatives might be named in will, or court might appoint a representative otherwise.
In any personal injury lawsuit, amount of compensation that the plaintiff may get is determined by other party’s fault percentage in the accident. If the defendant tends to be more than 10% at fault, he/she might be ordered by the judge to pay out for a part of plaintiff’s financial losses. Examples of the losses a defendant might be needed to compensate include:
-future medical expenses  -past medical expenses
-property damages
e-motional distress
-losses that affect abilities to perform everyday tasks
-losses that affect abilities to work
Our experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney can assist accident victims get the compensation that they deserve by helping with ensuring that the above mentioned losses are correctly documented, submitted, and also presented as needed by the court.

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